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Delvin D. Smith Sr. is the founder and creator of Boyz2Men with Purpose. He is a husband, father and native of Florida with a heart to re-cultivate the minds of young boys and men to fulfill purpose giving them a new perspective on life while uniting the communities they come from and serve. Delvin’s desire is to see people united more than divided so more can be accomplished working together as a team.

Delvin is business minded and possesses a natural gift at its success. He founded Kingdom Cutz and successfully built a customer base of 50 to 500, expanded the business by adding a salon and assisted in the development of an Exotic Rental Car Company. Delvin believes in both community and ministry as he formally held the position of Executive Pastor and Music Director for The Harvest Church in Titusville, Florida and led the Boys Brigade, youth, adult and men’s choir, as well as the media and sound department for the church. He has now excepted the call to start his own outreach ministry, B2MPurpose Mentor Program. As well as the role of Associate Pastor at Love Center Church.

Delvin’s gifts are many but his passion is for leadership, motivation and coaching, nurturing and inspiration, development and creativity supporting others to reach goals, access gifts and build confidence for belief and empowerment. His pursuit yields to the belief that no matter how he is treated his desire to help remains constant and pure which is the character and quality of a natural born leader.

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